Visa Cards 

Visa Card APR
Platinum Prime + 3.50%
Classic Prime + 5.50%
Share Secured/Credit Builder Prime + 9.50%

Eligibility for type of card is determined by credit score.  All cards have 4.90 Introductory APR for 6 months on balance transfers.  APR is the same for purchases and cash advances.

VISA Check/Debit Card Program

  • Works like a check

  • Funds come directly from your checking account

  • Accepted anywhere VISA™ is accepted

  • Obtain cash from any ATM with the VISA™ logo

  • All transactions on monthly statement

  • The ultimate in convenience

VISA Credit Card Program

  • Low Variable Rates based on Prime Rate

  • No annual fee

  • No cash advance fee

  • No balance transfer fee

  • 25 day grace period on purchases

The following phone numbers are for reporting lost or stolen debit, ATM and credit cards after hours and on holidays.

VISA Debit Card 855-472-7382, ATM Card 855-472-7382, VISA Credit Card 800-654-7728

VISA Card Website

The Eastern Indiana Federal Credit Union Visa credit card website is ready for you to use. The list of what you can do online includes:

  • Enroll in eStatements and discontinue paper statements

  • Make payments using a variety of options:

    • Single payments

    • Automatic payments for effortless, on time bill payment

    • Schedule and cancel future dated payments

    • Pay balance, minimum due or specified amount

  • Search for transactions by date or by statement period

  • Initiate disputes online

  • Check payment history and review future scheduled payments

  • Receive notifications to activate their card online

  • Modify profile information (email)

  • Request a temporary password

You will have to register within the site to use any of the above mentioned services.

If you were enrolled in Visa Credit Card eStatements previously we will automatically enroll you in eStatements, but you will need to register in the new site to retrieve your eStatement. eStatement history begins to accrue from the moment you enroll and once accrued you will be able to see a full 24 months of eStatement history.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Cardholder Services at 855-511-8957.


Click on this Icon, to access the VISA Online website and get started today.