Our savings accounts provide competitive returns on your deposits.

Deposit Insurance

Your savings are FEDERALLY insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

Savings Accounts

  • You are initially required to open a savings account with a minimum deposit of $5.00 (one share). This makes you a part owner of the Credit Union with all services you qualify for available to you.

  • No service charge for active accounts.

  • You'll find saving is easier with a convenient payroll deduction or direct deposit of your paycheck.

Checking Accounts

FREE - No monthly service charge if you Direct Deposit (EFT) your paycheck, pension or Social Security payment or maintain a $400 minimum checking balance daily or maintain a savings or certificate balance of $5,000. Otherwise there is just a $3.00 per month service charge.

  • Free VISA debit card

  • Duplicates of every check you write

  • No per check fee

  • Free monthly statements

  • Initial deposit of $20.00 is required

  • Unlimited check writing

  • Access to Online Banking

  • Access to Bill Pay

  • Access to Transactions-By-Phone

  • Find surcharge free ATMs using Alliance One network

Starter Checking Accounts

FREE! For members ages 13 to 22, you will receive an EIFCU VISA debit card with reduced limits. There is no monthly service charge until you reach the age of 23 and then only assessed when applicable. In addition, you will receive starter checks. *Members ages 13 to 17 will be required to have a qualifying parent or guardian sign to accept responsibility.

  • Free VISA debit card with smart limits

  • No monthly service charge fees

  • Initial deposit of $20.00 is required

  • No minimum or maximum balance fees

  • Free monthly statements

  • Easily manage money through online & mobile banking access

  • Opt out of paper statements and receive free eStatements

  • Direct deposit available

  • First box of checks free

  • Joint ownership for parents

  • Find surcharge free ATMs using Alliance One network

Club Accounts

  • Special Club - Save for any special purpose you may have - vacation, school, down payments, emergencies, etc. No minimum opening balance required. No limit on withdraws or transfers which puts you in control.

  • Holiday Club - Beat the Holiday blues with a special account to stash your cash! Checks issued first week of October to beat the “holiday rush”. No minimum opening balance required. Withdraw limit is once per year.


  • Combines the safety of insured funds with a greater earning potential than a regular Share Savings Account

  • Minimum deposit of $1000.00 is required

  • 6 to 18 month terms

  • Rates are locked for the term of the Certificate

  • Dividends can be compounded semi-annually or are available as a check monthly, quarterly, or at maturity depending on your desire

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)

  • In addition to our traditional IRA, we also offer a Roth IRA

  • Competitive rates

  • Dividends are paid quarterly

  • IRAs can be established by any working member meeting eligibility criteria. This is a sound way to save for retirement or education. It allows you to accumulate savings with tax-deferred compounding of interest until the money is withdrawn. A member can invest in the account on a yearly basis up to a maximum limit set by the IRS.

  • We offer IRA Certificates, a great option for rollovers with a higher earning potential and the safety of insured funds.